Q. Why can’t I access the AMS webpage?

A. Please check that you are connected to the internet, by accessing another website commonly used i.e. www.google.com, if you are able to access the webpage for this site, please try accessing the AMS webpage by carefully checking your web address, If you are using your favourites to access AMS, please clear the history and any internet data, your internal support team can give guidance on how to do this. If you are still unable to access the webpage for AMS please contact the support team at Kallik.

Login Issues

Q. I am having trouble logging in and getting a message which says “Your login details were not recognised”?

A. It is possible that the username and password combination is incorrect, please check with the team who setup your user account and ask them to reset your password and try login in again. (Please note too many attempts of entering the incorrect username and password will result in your account being locked out, even after a password change the account must be unlocked before you try logging in again)

Q. When I login in I am getting a message “Your licensee is currently not active. Please contact your administrator”.

A. The following error means that you have entered the incorrect 4 digit company number, please check with your administrator what your account number is, or contact the support team at Kallik for more information.

Q. When I login I am getting the the following message "Your account is not active. Please contact your administrator".

A. This basically means your account is locked out, most likely cause is likely to be the number of incorrect login attempts. There is normally a default incorrect login attempts setup at the time of system configuration. This is a security feature to stop invalid Users trying to access the system. If the User gets this message they need to contact their system administrator or to contact their IT Department.

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Webpage and Login issues
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