Q. I have imported a change order and all the data is not coming through as I expected it to, what has happened?

A. You will need to make sure firstly if the change order was correctly created and all data required was selected, if you are sure everything is in order, then there are 2 checks which you can make, this may require assistance from both Kallik and your internal support team.

The first check is to see the content is available in the AMS system, i.e. if it’s a phrase is it in the Phrase manager, and if it’s an Image is it present in the Asset manager, if this is ok then the second check is to make sure that the ID’s selected in the change order are identical to the ID’s in the AMS repository. If both are there then log a support call with Kallik to investigate further.

There could also be a permissions issue if certain phrases are not displaying, for example if you are working of a Dutch regional project but you do not have the correct locales selected for our user it is possible you will not see phrases and assets linked to a Dutch region.

Copy Project

Q. I have copied an existing project and noticed a lot of the data has not come through, how do I select the correct data?

A1. First of all you need to determine why you want to copy the project, if it is to create a new version of the current artwork then this option is available, if you wish to copy a project because there is a similar project that will share common data this is also possible.

A2. When copying a project it is important to understand that if there are different form definitions used between projects if so there will sometimes be incompatibilities, there is a tick box to ignore form def incompatibilities,when you copy a project try to use this functionality and see if your data is restored as you expected it to be. (Please note this may not always work, and you may lose more data than in the previous project).

A3. If any data has been entered into a project at ADM stage it is possible that this data is not always written back into the brief manager, these are normally identified by a padlock symbol when you are at ADM stage. The data entered here has to be selected from either the phrase manager or Asset manager. If data was not selected but typed in, then this data will not flow to the new project which has been created from a copy project function.

Using Copy Projectand Import Function together

Q. What do I do if I use the copy and import function together and data is missing from my project?

A. Please refer to the copy project and import from a change order sections first, if you are unable to resolve the issue please contact the support team at Kallik.

Imported ChangeOrders are not displaying in AMS

Q. Why am I not able to see change orders in the AMS system?

A. Check to see if you are in the import screen and type the change order number if you cannot see the change order in the list. If the search does not return any results then check with your internal support staff or the team which approves Change orders that they have been approved first. If change orders are not approved,they will not display in the AMS system. If you have tried this then contact the support team at Kallik to investigate further.

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Incomplete Data when using Import and Copy function
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