Q. I have clicked on generate but the artwork does not generate and I get an error.xml file, how do I determine why the artwork is failing to generate.

A. Save a copy of the error.xml file and open it, the error normally references to a tag name on the template for example, <TagName>TXT_Read_Instructions_Front_0</TagName>references to a problem with the Read Instructions Front Of Pack, you can check the ADM task or go back to the project brief to check. The general root cause could be invalid characters within the phrase or text length maybe too large compared to what is set in in the template, or the phrase may be missing and needs to be selected. If this check doesn’t resolve your issue please contact the support team at Kallik and send a copy of the error.xml fileyou have saved, for reference and any supporting documentation which may help with investigations.

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ADM Artwork Generation
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