Q.  If we opt for a "lazy effectivity date", can we recall those  codes before the date is reached? 

Q.  Can we modify the "lazy effectivitydate" at a later time to make thee odes searchable in the asset manager? 

A. You can recall these labels at any time by going into the asset manager and adding a valid date.

Q. If we opt to store inactive artworks in the Archive instead, can we recall those artworks ourselves or do we need Kallik support to call them back? 

Q. Can we archive and unarchive the codes ourselves?

A. If you go into the advanced search you can search for any archived assets using the standard or advanced search.  Once you have found the artworks you can select and then unarchive.


The lazy effectivity date is beneficial as if you know the dates the label is going to be used you can add this and you don’t have to remember to go in and at a later date and unarchive.

However, in the scenario where you are not sure when you will need them then we would recommend the archive option. 

The other benefit is that the archiving and unarchiving can be completed as a bulk action, whereas the effectivity date must be updated for each  artwork individually.

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lazy effectivity date, Archiving inactive codes
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